Strawberry Kube Hunt Hints and slurls

#1 Opal

Hint: It’s time for something new!

#2 Bohemian Gypsy

Hint: here’s to you my dear…
a toast of happiness,
a taste of sweetness,
lounging near the flames.

#3 {W&R} – {Witches & Rats}

Hint: i can see the moon from here

#4 X-Sight

Hint: Don’t go chasing these.

#5 MIRUS Designs

Hint: SWEET PINK Outfit

#6 Luckie

Hint: Glammie Princess, love being Royal in this

#7 Holli Pocket

Hint: Up, up, up goes the berries into the pretty light

#8 LOTTIE Garden & Home

Hint: Tea anyone?

#9 Stone’s Works

Hint: Should I Paint a Picture for you ? !!!

#10 Persnickity

Hint: You take the high road

#11 [:: JesyDream ::]

Hint: poncho

#12 Phoenix Collections

Hint: As winter turns to spring there is still a chill in the air; you will find me here watching the dancing flames.

#13 Aniri’s Boutique

Hint: You are such a BabyDoll!


Hint: Hmm.. Comes in black and white.. Which one to choose?

#15 xbody

Hint: I love ice coffee

#16 {Sickly SWEET}

Hint: Orange is the new yellow

#17 {.::GalaFashionDesign::.}

Hint: “Now this is Update with new Azz Applier”

#18 VerseEye

Hint: Some people like strawberries, but I’ve always preferred grapes myself.

#19 Naughty Naughty

Hint: Strawberries can be Naughty I will go look for Cabaret in Red.

#20 ShedHint:s n Shacks

Hint: I’ve been working late nights in the office again.

#21 LnL Square

Hint: Click the red “i” (hint giver) by the hunt posters to get an updated hint!

#22 Exquisite Jewellery

Hint: Don’t trip on the stairs looking for your prize.

#23 ~Shadow Moon~

Hint: ~Shadow Moon~


Hint: I’m just hanging out with my family.

#25 O.N.E (Oddz n Endz)

Hint: Hurry before I melt here

#26 Off the Wall

Hint: I always like to get behind a good cause

#27 Exclusively Yours

Hint: Now I lay me down two dresses I only ask my feet to rest…After a long chaise you will find your gift in this place!

#28 **Tir Na Nog**

Hint: You might want to check the the wistaria-vine.

#29 .: Eclectic Stars :.

Hint: I like to subscribe!

#30 H.E.D.

Hint: She must have gotten cold feet…

#31 U:Refined {U.R.} Fashion Designs

Hint: Sometimes I can be very unpredictable!

#32 ***baci village***

Hint: a new creation is ROUGE as a strawberry

#33 SKIP

#34 SKIP


Hint: Hint Giver at Shop

#36 Morte’s Seduction

Hint: Hint Giver at Shop

#37 {KK} Kat’s Kreations

Hint: Bubblegum & Bandaids


Hint: Gone in 60 seconds

#39 Geek Chic Creations

Hint: Which color of the Lara bangles would I like?

#40 fashion zombie

Hint: Cha-ching!


Hint: I am near a stove and waiting for you ,find me before

#42 Metamorphoses Tattoo

Hint: Poseidon

#43 ~Winsome Twins~

Hint: Out With The Old In With The New!

#44 House of Spheres

Hint: The House of Spheres has rooms of three,
In the middle your gift will be.
Behind the trio of spinning spheres,
The Strawberry Kube appears here.

#45 Brandi’s Intimates

Hint: A Strawberry to greet you


Hint: This shoes are made for walking

#47 Pestique

Hint: UP Up, high up in the canopy!


Hint: Oh a strawberry outside by the apple tree???

#49 Thorns & Petals

Hint: Red on Red!

#50 Pacagaia Creations

Hint: Maybe you should try your luck in Gacha.

#51 .:Senso:.

Hint: My bunny loves strawberries!

#52 Sin Designs

Hint: my kitty loves strawberries

#53 SHEY Women & Men Couture

Hint: Check “New Releases” part.I am on the “S”

#54 {{Imajicas G-Spot}} Gestures

Hint: It’s all in the Name!

#55 *Vixen*

Hint: “Old beautifull … deadly!”

#56 D&G Fashions

Hint: Aren’t you just the KYOOTest!

#57 Sparrow by Design

Hint: Look for your prize upstairs with your prize!

#58 Jess’s Dream

Hint: Everything is NEW in the spring!

#59 Orage Creations

Hint: Look for my fetish side

#60 SKIP

#61 PeKaS Design

Hint: look so many beautifull boots.

#62 Egoxentrikax


#63 Miss Darcy

Hint: I’ve heard that strawberries are very seductive.

#64 GDit Jewelry

Hint: Wildfire the KittyCat is guarding something and it ain’t a mouse!

#65 Topsy Turvy

Hint: Climb the ladder, and look down low, near the hatch is the place to go.

#66 Khargo

Hint: See hint giver in store

#67 Uni-qu3

Hint: Follow the footprints….dance to lighs…and u find sweetness

#68 ‘+ [ l u x u r i a n t ]

Hint: The darker the berry the sweeter the juice


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